Saturday, July 14, 2012

Amish Quilts

The "Star of Bethlehem" pattern quilted with Amish inspired colors.
      Amish quilts are reflections of the Amish way of life. Because the Amish people believe in not being "flashy" or "worldly" in dress and lifestyle, their quilts reflect this religious philosophy. They use only solid colors in their clothing and quilts. Some church districts limit the use of certain colors such as yellow or red because those are considered "too worldly". Black is a dominant color. Although Amish quilts appear austere from a distance, the craftsmanship is often of the highest quality and the stitching forms vigorous patterns that contrast well with the plain background. These traits appeal to a modern aesthetic; antique Amish quilts are among the most highly prized among collectors and quilting enthusiasts.

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       Midwestern Amish also sew pastel "English" patterns for auction or for their country stores. In this auction you can see quilts that are intentionally crafted for "The English." I prefer the darker Amish quilts that are made for the Amish myself.

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