Saturday, July 14, 2012

Historical Embroidery Patterns: Plates 11-14

The following three plates are sketches from the bed hangings in the "Chapel" room at Hardwicke Hall, Derbyshire—the property of the Duke of Devonshire.

Above the full design, which is a repeating one, of the hangings. The details of the stitchery will be found on the following plates.

No. 1. One of the many conventional foliations in this design, carried out in stem stitch, buttonhole and darning.
No. 2. Close chain stitch for the circles with herring bone for the stalk running through them.
No. 3. The same stem as in foxgloves but with darning introduced up the centre.
No. 4. The sheafs of the foxgloves are worked in crochet stitch edged stem stitch.
The contours of flowers in back stitch, filled in short-and-long stitches and darning.

No. 1. Contour in chain stitch. Vein stem stitch edged two rows short-and-long stitches and darning.
No. 2. Contour in double chain stitch. Veins in knot stitch edged darning. Loops in middle of centre vein.
No. 3. Contour in stem stitch; vein ditto, edged with two rows of short-and-long stitches and darning.
No. 4. Contour in chain stitch, edged darning. Centre vein chain stitch. Branching veins knot stitch outlined with darning stitches.
No. 5. Contour buttonhole stitch and darning. Veins knot stitch and darning.

A group of fillings in which darning plays an important part, the backgrounds of two of the leaves were carried out in indigo, the veinings were worked in solid rows of outline stitch in brown shading to a lighter bronze green, the central vein in the upper leaf was in chain-stitch in dark blue and the outline of leaf was carried out in two rows of chain stitching in darkest indigo. The shamrock leaf has a darned contour of double threads, the filling was in stem stitch, solid, with bars of a darker color worked across it. The little band at the bottom of the group was a mixture of satin, chain, stem and French knots.

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