Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Jacobean "Rutland Design"

Rutland Design, sold by Penelope (1963),
 click on the image to see
the largest possible version of the design
 This design was one of the most popular in the former Penelope Company's Jacobean range. It had the typical curiously shaped leaves worked in long and short stitch. Some of the motifs introduced the star fillings, others had squares of satin stitch between which threads of wool are laid and couched down with cross stitches of a contrasting color. There were several trefoil shaped leaves with centers of solid French knots, and knots were used also to outline the scale pattern of the mauve cones. Crewel stitch or shading stitch was used for the trunk. Other fillings could be introduced for variety. 

Because the new shade ranges will vary somewhat from the ones used for the original embroidery, it will be necessary for those of you who wish to reproduce the antique crewelwork to match your own shades of wool to this illustration. I have uploaded a large jpg. here so that you may print the best possible image for matching your colors. The yellowing on the old photograph has also been removed in photoshop.


  1. How do you know when this design was sold please?

  2. The designs are much older than 1963. The quote "sold by Penelope (1963)" means that these little books were still distributed at that time. It is a mark found on the old volume made by the former owner. The designs themselves are in the public domain and this has been determined by the internet archive.