Friday, August 3, 2012

Daisy Applique Pattern by Kathy Grimm

Cut and sew the pattern pieces in numerical order. There are no seam allowances made in the drafted pattern above.  I have based this pattern upon a daisy quilt appearing in an article about American quilts. You can move the motifs around, add leaves and multiply the blooms in order to produce a similar version of this quilt yourself.

Color choices similar to those of the traditional daisy quilt depicted here.
Origin of The Pattern's Name? "The name of the daisy flower comes from the medieval English 'daies ie', meaning day's eye. This is because of the similarity of the central portion of the flower to an eye, and the fact that the petals close the 'eye' at night, opening it only in the daylight."

More Pictures of Daisy Quilts:

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