Friday, August 10, 2012

"The Quilt Maker's Gift" by Author Jeff Brumbeau and Illustrator Gail de Marcken

      A story about how an artist teaches a greedy king, "It is better to give, than receive." This children's book by author Jeff Brumbeau and Illustrator Gail de Marcken lovingly teaches important moral lessons accompanied by fairy tale like explanations for traditional quilt patterns. First published by Scholastic in March 2001; this volume has won many awards from: Acclaim, Book Sense, Logos, and Parent's Choice.
      There is also an online website dedicated to the book called On this site parents and teacher will find sewing projects for kids, biographies about the author and artist, a place to share quilt stories, and a quilt gallery.

 Watch and listen to the book on youtube.

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