Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Embroidery Designs for Old-Fashioned Pin Cushions

      This pincushion cover done in punch or pierced work is charming when finished. The flowers and circle are worked solid with the scrolls in the outline stitch and the large dots as eyelets. The punch work in the center is done with a very large needle and preferably in fine cotton. The needle is pushed up through through the one dot and down through the opposite one twice, drawing the stitches quite tight, then the needle is brought up through the next dot in a slanting direction and the same thing is repeated in all the dots, running both ways, so that little squares are formed with large holes at each corner. Use mercerized cotton for the embroidery.
This is a charming little motif to be used on sachets, pin cushions, or fancy articles. The flowers, buds and leaves are embroidered solid, and the stems are worked in the outline stitch. The dots in the centers of the flowers are done in French knots.

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