Sunday, May 19, 2013

Embroidery Design for a Sailor Collar

Sketch of Finished Work.
      So numerous have been the requests for a sailor collar design that I am glad to offer one today that delightfully combines simplicity of decoration with just a little departure from the usual. White linen of medium weight is perhaps best for this idea; the conventional design is arranged to allow you a freedom of choice in working-a message that all needle-workers hail with joy. 
      The flowers you can work in the flat wallachian stitch if you wish. This is quick and effective and promises durability. But if your preferences be for solid work, you can disregard the central vein put there as a guide for the wallachain, and after padding slightly the petals should be worked with the usual solid stich. The central part of each flower can be a tiny eyelet to match the groups of eyelets in the body of the design. If I were you, I would not overdo the matter, but would work the groups of three disks on the border in regular solid stitch.
      The stems should be kept slender, suggesting a line, for the border must not be made to heavy in appearance. 
      When working the scallops, a slight padding is necessary, using daring cotton in a chain stitch is you aim at quickness in the work. To make the edge doubly strong, a buttonhole stitch is suggested as a final touch. 
      I cannot too heartily emphasize the comfort of the sailor collar for blouse or dress. In the all-white scheme which can be combined with any color, or with touches of color to bring it into harmony with a colored dress, it stands in an important place in summer fashions, and I am sure it will be prominent in the summer's work of industrious women. 

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