Thursday, May 30, 2013

Round Table Mat Design for Either Linen or Leather

Directions For Embroidery Design.
      Transfer patterns are very popular just at present, and one can attribute their popularity principally to the ease with which they can be handled, transferred to fabric, etc.
      The design pictured you can readily transfer to linen, leather or burlap by inserting a sheet of carbon, or tracing paper between the design and fabric, then going over all the lines of the design with a stylus or sharp pencil.
      You will then find the lines on the fabric distinct enough to follow in your embroidery.

      This historic pattern has a bit of a "Art Deco" flair in it's design. The pattern was originally designed to create a cover for a circular table. A lamp or a decorative bowl could then be centered in the middle of the design for either practical purposes or decorative ones. This would also prevent scratching to the surface of the table top.

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