Tuesday, December 31, 2013

100 Valentines For Quilters!

   Need some "eye candy" for your next Valentine project? Look no further, I've linked to 100 ideas that my readers can view online for the day devoted to LOVE.

Textile Projects Designed From The Heart:
  1. Heart Strings Table Mat Alternative   
  2. Interlocked heart shapes on a place mat (Spanish)
  3. Classic teepee designed with love
  4. Rosette Heart Pillow Tutorial 
  5. Vintage Quilt Crazy Quilt Hearts
  6. Finally from The Vintage Magpie
  7. An adorable Valentine from Mouse Droppings
  8. Textile Printing with Heart Design Wooden Printing Blocks
  9. Heartfelt Ornaments from Stitched Stuffies
  10. Tammis Keefe teatowel
  11. Quilted Valentines - A Card Tutorial
  12. Tutorial needle felted bumble bee for Valentine's Day
  13. Needle felted corgi sporting his love and Valentine's Day garland
  14. Red Heart by Susan Smith
  15. Fabric Valentines by Lynn Stevens 
  16. Mini Valentine's Day Quilt by Suzann's Textile Fusion
  17. Happy Valentine's Day by Susan Pilotto 
  18. old vintage lace heart
  19. Wool Penny Rugs - heart shapes
  20. Valentine purse felted from wool
  21. Felted Red Wool Projects 
  22. 15 Heart Shaped Gift Boxes  
  23. Quilted Valentine's Day Table Mat
  24. A really sweet heart pendant from ChikoCraft
  25. Pom Pom Heart Love Pillow step-by-step instructions 
  26. shabby valentine heart garland 
  27. "Valentine Flowers" wool applique penny rug and here, "CatTails of Love"
  28. Ruffled Valentine's heart by Jana
  29. Heart shaped textile jewellery
  30. "For you my Valentine this heart of mine..."
  31. Join Us! "The Gilded Girls Stash Society"!
  32. Valentine Fabric Postcards
  33. Anatomical Heart Valentines Day Pop Up Shop: Kate Jenkins: Crochet heart
  34. Textile art heart by cornflowerbluestudio
  35. Quilted Heart Valentine Ornament
  36. Knit a Valentine Rose
  37. Five States in Four Days
  38. my secret heart
  39. goregous pillow from Cha and a New valentines mini workshop!
  40. Creative Heart Pillow Inspired by Art
  41. Felt Heart Flower Embellishments and Ruffle Heart Pillow from Melissa
  42. An Improv Valentine Mini Quilt
  43. Woven fabric heart from Deb Price
  44. Puffed heart made from velvet
  45. Memorial Day - The End of War is Peace
  46. My Heart for Jack
Inspired by Heart Shapes:
  1. Buggy Barn Heart Quilt
  2. Hearts in a Row Quilted Wall Hanging
  3. The Heart Quilt is finished by "Badbird's" and New Quilt, Skull and Heart
  4. A Heart Shaped Quilt by Janice Schindeler
  5. Valentine Quilt Patterns You'll Fall in Love With
  6. Heart Garden Quilt Tutorial
  7. A Valentine Quilt made with American Jane Patterns 
  8. "As Time Goes By" wool heart applique pattern
  9. A Happy Little Heart Quilt by Pippa Quilts
  10. Hearts and Flowers by Terri Stegmiller
  11. "Heart-'N-A-Heart" Quilt
  12. Emily's Bride Quilt
  13. A Spiral Heart Design by Kristin Miller 
  14. Forever In My Heart Quilt Pattern by Pink Hippo Quilts
  15. Koru Hearts Cot Quilt
  16. Cutting and Reassembling the Mended Heart Quilt Blocks
  17. Hearts and Valentines from Quilt Inspiration
  18. Free Paper Pieced Heart Pattern
  19. Preparing a Wholecloth Valentine Themed Quilt
  20. Emily's Heart Quilt Block
  21. "Be good to your Heart" quilt block tutorial
  22. Heart Quilt Blocks
  23. Inaugurating Love by Sara Lovell
  24. Elena's Heart Quilt
  25. Watercolor Heart Quilt and Fuzzy Heart Quilt by Jeanne Prue
  26. Scrappy Heart Quilt by Cindy Carter and a Pieced Heart Quilt here
  27. Blue Heart Progress
  28. A quilting plan for a giant heart design
  29. Valentine Hearts Mini-Quilt Tutorial by waterpenny
  30. Signature Quilt Block #5
  31. A heart quilt by Cheryl Netter
  32. Quilt block with red and white Valentine heart design
  33. Needle Felted Love Hearts
Inspired by Red & White:
  1. Red and White Tribute Quilt
  2. Red and White Exhibit Inspires a Group to Make Their Own Lovelies
  3. Star design by The Buggy Barn
  4. Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts and video here
  5. another red and white from the special exhibit of 650 quilts
  6. Potted Poinsettias 
  7. Red and white block patterns, giant beauty!
  8. Roses are red...
  9. Red and White Quilts, Again
  10. A modern red and white pattern by Debby Kratovil Quilts
  11. A pieced Valentine quilt by Rhonda
  12. Vortex Quilt
  13. Redwork in Germany, "Composition II" by Shoko Sakai Japan
  14. A red and white log cabin heart (bottom)
  15. Symphony In Red
  16. Red and White Quilts Inspiration
Valentine & Heart Pinboards:

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