Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A "Face Card" Paper Doll Challenge

Three Spanish playing cards, c. 1500
Theme: A “Face Card” Paper Doll
Subject: Jumping Jack paper assembly
Historical Connections: “The jumping-jack is a toy whose origins date back thousands of years. The jointed jumping-jack figure is a cross between a puppet and a paper doll. The figures are generally made from wood and their limbs are jointed and tied to a pull string. When the string is pulled and released, the arms and legs move up and down.” Wikipedia
Materials: listing
  • A variety of decorative papers
  • Cement glue
  • Scissors
  • Colored markers or pencils
  • Acrylic varnish
  • Drawing paper
  • Brass paper fasteners
  • Hole punch
  • string
Methods of Construction: Process:
  1. The instructor will demonstrate “how” Jumping Jacks are assembled in class with a simple example.
  2. Students will view a selection of vintage or antique playing cards and discuss in a large group how costume and dress are illustrated in the playing cards from different time periods and cultures.
  3. Students will then design a “face card” of their own and articulate the design into a unique Jumping Jack paper doll.
  4. Students will then take their design a step further by interpreting it into an articulated paper doll i.e. Jumping Jack.
  5. The parts of the Jumping Jack should be backed with tag board before assembling in order to insure durability.
  6. Students may use a variety of decorative papers, markers, and drawing pencils to enhance their designs.
Pattern Location: link, instructor or a pattern book. Below are links to sample Jumping Jacks that instructors may download, print and assemble in front of students. Remember, the challenge is for the student to create his or her own design, not copy the samples that you string in front of them. The teacher will need to supply examples of playing cards for younger students to examine. Adult students may do this research on the internet.
Expectations/Objectives/Goals: listing
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic paper articulation by designing a Jumping Jack paper doll.
  • Students will design a character based upon a vintage or antique playing card set.
  • Students will participate in a large group discussion reflecting upon how culture influences dress and/or costume.
Exhibit: Finished figures will be exhibited inside a showcase located on the school property or be photographed by the instructor and uploaded to an internet forum/blog.
Feedback/Assessment: Students will either participate in an online discussion, classroom critiques or be expected to fill out a self-assessment form.
Include the following on a label with your finished project:
  • A Title
  • Your Name
  • The date the project was completed
  • The materials used
  • An approximate size
Extra Resource Materials:

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