Friday, January 31, 2014

A Free Doll's House Plan

The original doll's house plan.

Plans For Doll’s House
Measurements and Elevations
Note: Use a stiff grade cardboard or bristol board
  1. Look over list of materials, and cut sizes over all for the various parts.
  2. Look at elevation drawings and mark off according to the measurements given there.
  3. Cut same out and fold as shown.
  4. Build foundation, cutting slits as shown.
  5. Fit in the two end walls forming the chimneys and slopes for the roof.
  6. Apply the roof, gluing angles of side walls under the roof.
  7. Put in the front wall, fastening same to end walls by means of corner pilasters.
  8. Put in attic floor. Put in second floor. Glue ends on side walls.
  9. Get two partition parts ready, bending them 5 inches from each end after allowing for the tabs which are to go into the floor, and leaving 5 1/4 inches to go under the above floor. Cut out for doorways as shown.
  10. Insert the tabs in the floors below, bending them under.
  11. Cut out the second floor where shown for stairway, and glue stairway in position.
  12. For Kitchen Annex: Proceed as above.
After this part of house is completed, connect with main building by inserting end tabs, marked X, in A. Fasten tab ends of roof to end walls of main part of house.
Note: After completion, turn to frontispiece as a guide, and decorate exterior walls, doors and windows. (Below is the picture originally given for the decoration of the doll house exterior.)

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