Friday, January 31, 2014

A One Hundred Year Old Doll House

I took photos of this antique doll house in my kitchen garden. It once belonged to my mother-in-law and I will now pass it down to my younger daughter this Christmas. There are many handmade furnishings that were especially designed for it. I will include these along with measurements and templates in future articles.
Above is the side view of this 100 year old antique doll house.

The doll house has four rooms of equal size.

The roof of the doll house as seen from above.

The furnishings are mostly handcrafted. Above is an old-fashioned Welsh
cupboard, with miniature copper posts and brass candlesticks.

A hand-carved bed, tiny mattress, coverlet, and two tiny rose needlepoint
pillows provide a cozy place for small dolls to sleep.

A close up shot of the walls and curtains inside the doll house.

The doll house has two side entrances with windows.

The second entrance distinguished by red curtains and an
ornate red and blue print wall paper.
A dresser, movable vanity mirror, wash basin with a pitcher,
a fancy brass crib and a small plastic baby all accompanied this doll
house when my mother-in-law first purchased it.

A small child must have sculpted this bathtub and baby from homemade clay.

This Kitchen table and chair and cupboard also was hand crafted by
the doll house’s former owner. The mouth blown glass oil lamp was one if
the few tiny decorative objects to accompany the furnishings.

Unlike many modern doll houses, this antique version was designed
to be displayed with it’s back against a wall; it has a plain simple cabinet back.
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