Friday, January 31, 2014

Age Appropriate Sewing Lessons

Children working with lacing cards and beads in an early 1900's kindergarten.
      Preschool and Kindergarten sewing activities that will improve eye-hand motor skills are a must. Below, I have listed the most common supplies that even a homeroom teacher may adapt for quiet time use with her small charges. Teachers should only supply large, plastic, round-tipped needles to children this young!
  • Lacing Cards
  • Stringing Giant Beads
  • Sew’n Sew (wooden sewing block)
  • Stringing cereal
      Sewing activities for first through third graders may be similar to the above suggestions only slightly more complicated in nature.
  • Two-sided felt animals with pre-cut holes. Teachers can also craft projects like these using paper.
  • Stringing small beads
  • Stringing dried fruit or candy as a gift for a parent
  • Sewing decorative threads to pre-printed holiday cards
      Sewing for fourth graders and up! Although there are many children younger than nine or ten who can sew, we suggest that teachers wait until fourth or fifth grade to introduce kids to sewing projects in the classroom. This is because sewing with sharp needles requires some mature accountability on the part of a student. Teachers need to be in charge of any artistic activities that involve this kind of risk taking. A sewing needle can seem harmless enough, but, there are many health risks involved when open wounds are probable, even when the wound is the size of a pin prick. So proceed with caution and write a note home or send an e-mail to your student’s parents explaining that their child will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately with sewing materials in your classroom.
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