Thursday, January 30, 2014

Craft a Walnut Pincushion

A couple of years ago, my daughters and I were searching through a little antique shop for a gift and saw a bunch of tiny walnut pincushions.  These were so miniature and sweet that I decided to make them that year for Christmas. Cracking the walnut in half is the most difficult part of this project, but, If you can manage it, the rest is as easy as can be!

Brief Description: These tiny walnut pincushions make unique gifts. Trifles like these also are excellent additions to miniature collections and novelty boxes.
Supply List:
   1. one cleaned walnut split in half and hollowed out.
   2. tiny pincushion template
   3. scissors
   4. decorative button
   5. small handful of cotton stuffing
   6. a small swatch of woven check or plaid
   7. tacky white glue
  • Cut a piece of woven check fabric after drawing around the template provided. (3 inch diameter circle)
  • Sew a loose straight stitch around the edge of the fabric circle.
  • Gently pull the end of the thread in order to create a pouch for the cotton to be stuffed.
  • Stuff the cotton in firmly and sew the edges tightly down around the stuffing.
  • Sew on a button for decoration.
  • Stuff the walnut half with cotton and then glue the tiny pin cushion on top of the walnut.
Click on the image to download a circle template
for the walnut pincushion craft.
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