Friday, January 31, 2014

Doll House & Miniature Links

Free Doll House Furnishings: Printable Minis *

Links To Miniatures: About Miniatures  *Anja’s Miniatures  *Anna-Carin’s Miniatures  *Anya Stone – Creations In Miniature  *Auntie Ba’s Dollhouses  *Bluette Meloney  *Carrie’s Miniature Extravaganza *Creative Room Boxes by Carole Sussex  *Cut and Paste  *Dany’s Mini World  *Designs In Clay  *  *Enchanted Castles  *Erik Goddard  *Handful of Earth *Henny Staring  *ITTC Innovative Train Technology Co.  *Ichiyo Haga: Miniature Artisan  *Icklebits  *Imagination Mall  *Jeannette Fishwick Miniature Knitting  *Jennifer’s Free Dollhouse Printables  *Josje’s Dolls House  *Let’s Build a Dollhouse  *Little House Realty  *Little Treasure  *Madigan House *Manhattan Dollhouse  *Melrose Villa  *MicroJivvy Dollhouse Miniatures  *MiniMotion Animated Miniatures  *MiniSites  *Miniature Animals by Kerri Pajutee *Miniature Miniatures – Nell Corkin  *Miniature Needlework MIAKI  *Miniature Net Rings  *Miniatures in Motion  *Minna’s Dollhouses  *Montacute Miniatures  *Mulvany & Rogers *My Miniature World  *My Miniatures *Pat & Noel Thomas Workshops  *Patricia Richards Miniatures  *Pipistrelle Dolls & Miniatures  *RJT Miniatures  *Robert Stubbs Tudor Dolls Houses  *SJ’s Miniatures  *Simply Silk Miniatures  *Stello’sDollyhouse  *Sue Heaser  *Syreeta´s Miniatures  *Teresa’s Miniature World  *The Art of Dollhouse Miniatures  *The Dolls House Emporium Blog  *The House of Miniatures Info *Thelma Lewis DeMet  *Tickhill Dolls House Courses  *Timothy Richards Architectural Models  *Trevor Cain Dolls House Restoration *Vic Newey  *Villa Monica *Well Worth A Visit Dolls Houses  *Whitledge-Burgess LLC  *World of Miniatures  *

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