Friday, January 31, 2014

Knit & Crochet Doll Clothes

selection of ethnic crochet/woven dolls, mommas and babies.

Books: Knit This Doll! *

Patterns For Sale: Amigurumi *

18 Inch Doll Clothes & Accessories:
Alicia Ann Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *American Girl Backpack  *American Girl Bathing Suit  *American Girl Beanie  *American Girl Bunny Slippers  *American Girl Button Boots  *American Girl Dainty Ruffles Party Dress  *American Girl Doll Boa Evening Gown  *American Girl Doll Coat  *American Girl Doll Empire Waist Dress  *American Girl Doll Ice Skating Outfit  *American Girl Doll Lace Hat  *American Girl Doll Lace Skirt  *American Girl Doll Lace Summer Dress  *American Girl Doll Lace Top  *American Girl Doll Lacy Bolero  *American Girl Doll Panties  *American Girl Doll Pants  *American Girl Doll Summer Cardigan  *American Girl Doll Summer Dress  *American Girl Doll Summer Raglan Dress  *American Girl Doll Summer Shorts  *American Girl Doll Summer Top  *American Girl Doll Thread Evening Gloves  *American Girl Doll Vest  *American Girl Doll Wedding Dress  *American Girl Doll Yoke Skirt  *American Girl Duffle Bag  *American Girl Ear Warmer  *American Girl Floral Motif Hat  *American Girl Flower Slippers  *American Girl Fluff Beanie  *American Girl Halter Top  *American Girl Hat and Muff Set  *American Girl Pioneer Winter Outfit  *American Girl Retro Outfit  *American Girl Size Doll Dress & Vest  *American Girl Size Doll Guitar  *American Girl Sleeveless Top & Poncho  *American Girl Spring Dress  *American Girl Summer Fun Accessories  *American Girl Sun Dress Set  *American Girl Tennis Set  *American Girl Thread Party Dress  *American Girl Western Gear  *American Girl Winter Tie Hat  *Anchors Aweigh American Girl Doll Dress  *Angelic Shrug (Fits 18″ AG Dolls)  *Arabella Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Babykids Winter Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Barbara Ann Skating Costume (18in Doll)  *Black & White & Red All Over Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Cap Nap Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Cargo Skirt Outfit & Backpack (18″ Doll)  *Casual Fridays Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Celebrating Girldom Doll Dresses  *Chelsie Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Christmas Doll Hat (18″ Doll)  *Day at the Opera Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls) *Detroit Red Bunnies Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Doll Dress (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Doll Hat  *Doll Headband (18″ Doll)  *Doll Hood (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Doll Hoodie (18″ Doll)  *Doll Poncho (18″ Doll)  *Doll Snuggle Up *Easy 18″ Doll Dress  *Eighteen Inch Doll Beret  *Eighteen Inch Doll Blanket  *Evening Dress & Shawl (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Fancy Pants Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Fresh as a Daisy Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Fun & Funky American Girl Witch Costume  *Gardener’s Getaway Outfit (18″ Doll)  *Go Crocs Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Green Christmas Dress (18″ Doll)  *I Need a Dress Right Now (18″ Doll Dress)  *In the Mood for Blue Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  In The Navy Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Inspiration to Wear Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Jazzy Winter Go Go Boots (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Jazzy Winter Hat (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Jazzy Winter Legwarmers (Fits 18″ Doll)  *Jazzy Winter Poncho (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Jazzy Winter Skirt (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Jumper (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Kitty Kat Costume (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Lacey Celebration Dress (18″ Doll)  *Life is Just Peachy Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Liquid Sunshine Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Little Girl Dreams Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Mary Skating Costume (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Miss Bentley Doll Gown/Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Mommy! Purple is on Sale! Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Movie Night Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Nightie, Robe & Slippers (18″ Doll)  *Ode to Florence Outfit (Fits 18″ Doll)  *Patriot’s Daughter Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Peggy Skating Costume (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Pineapples for Molly AG Shrug  *Pink is so Pretty Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *PJ Par-tay Outfits (Fit 18″ Dolls)  *Pride & Prejudice Dress (18″ Doll)  *Pumpkin Costume (18″ Doll)  *Purty Pink Promises Outfit (Fits 18″ Doll)  *Remember the Days Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Retro Doll Accessories  *Rose Dress (18″ Doll)  *Ruffled Doll Skirt (18″ Doll)  *Ruffled Sleeveless Sweater & Skirt (18″ Dolls)  *Say Goodnight Gracie Nightgown (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Seasoned Just Right (18″ Doll Ensemble)  *Shell Stitch Doll Set (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Simplicity Dress (18″ Doll)  *Snow Days Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Song Sung Blue Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Sonja Figure Skating Costume (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Spring Blizzard Outfit (18″ Doll)  *Spring Fling Garden Party Outfit (18″ Doll)  *SpringSweater (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Sweater & Beanie Set (18″ Doll)  *Sweetheart Set (18″ Doll)  *Take Me Away Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Triple Ruffle Doll Dress  *Twinkle Twinkle Bunting (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Victoria Gown/Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *We Gather Together Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Wearing the Green Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Wild Cherries and Cream Doll Outfit (18″ Doll)  *Winter Wedding Dreams Outfits (Fits 18″ Doll)  *Yesteryear Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls)  *Youthful Memories Outfit (Fits 18″ Dolls) *

Crocheted Dolls: Bodies and Clothing Together
Abby NCIS Doll  *Alice Cullen Inspired Doll  *Amigurumi Doll  *Angel Baby Amigurumi  *Annabelle Doll  *Artistic Annie Doll  *Baby Love Amigurumi Doll  *Baby’s First Doll  *Back to School Lily Doll  *Basic Doll  *Belinda Dolly  *Bitty Babies  *Bitty Baby Amigurumi  *Born on the 4th of July Doll  *Boyfriend Billy Doll  *Bunting Doll  *Candice’s Dollie  *Captain Andrew Rag Doll  *Captain Jack Sparrow Amigurumi  *Chinese New Year Doll  *Coraline Doll  *Date Night Lily Doll  *Dawn Doll 28oz Detergent Cover  *Denim Doll  *Diary of a Wimpy Kid Inspired Doll  *Dolls, Little  *Fairy Doll Amigurumi  *Fashionista Farrah Doll  *Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll  *Fuji Dolls  *Fun in the Sun Doll Garden Lily Doll  *Geisha Doll  *Gnome Doll  *Gnorbert the Gnome  *Goddess Doll  *Goldilocks Doll  *Grover Doll  *Heart Shaped Baby Doll  *Hippie Doll  *Holly the Clown  *Homer Simpson Amigurumi  *Hula Hula Lula  *Itsy Bitsy Baby Amigurumi  *Jack Frost Doll  *Kiki Doll & First Outfit  *Kokeshi Doll Kokeshi Doll Amigurumi  *Kokeshi Dolls  *Lily Doll  *Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Doll  *Lily the Christmas Elf Doll Little Girl Kate Amigurumi Doll  *Little Pigtail Girl Doll  *Liz-a-Witch Halloween Doll  *Long Legged Fairy  *Lovely Lucy Doll  *Magdalena Doll  *Margarita Fairy Amigurumi  *Marina the Mermaid  *Mermaids, Tiny  *Miles of Smiles Doll  *Mood Doll  *Moogle Doll Mr. Clause  *Mrs. Beasley Doll  *Mrs. Claus  *Mrs. Clause Mrs. Clause  *Nurse, Little Amigurumi  *Ogilvy Dolls  *Panama Dolls  *Party Girl Doll  *Peter and Pernille Dolls  *Pilgrim Billy Doll  *Pilgrim Lily Doll  *Pink Little Lady Doll  *Plastic Spring Curls Doll  *Plastic Spring Mermaids  *Princess & Frog  *Princess Peach/Princess Toadstool Doll  *Puppet Boy in a Blanket  *Puppet Dolly in a Blanket  *Rag Dolls  *Red Riding Hood and Grandmother Topsy-Turvy Doll  *Rodrick Diary of a Wimpy Kid Doll  *Rose “Back to the 50′s” Doll, Amigurumi  *Sam the Skater Doll  *Santa Claus Doll Scarecrow Doll  *Simple Dolly  *Sleepy Sarah Amigurumi Doll  *Small Doll  *Smiley Face Doll Soldier Doll Toy  *Sprite Doll  *Square Dancing Doll  *Starlight the Popstar  *Stewie Griffin  *Strawberry Girl Inside-Out Doll  *Stuffed Clown  *Sweet Girl Leena Amigurumi Doll  *Thea Doll Amigurumi  *Too Cute Dolls  *Tooth Fairy Doll  *Turbo Tail Mermaid Doll  *Victorian Doll  *Wee Dolly  *Winter Princess Lily Doll  *Witchy Lily Doll  *Wizard Doll  *Wybie Doll *Yo-Yo Santa Doll *

A Variety of Clothing & Accessories For Multiple Doll Sizes:
Alice in Wonderland Doll Outfit  *Aqua Baby Bunting Outfit (Fits 15.5″ Dolls)  *Baby Doll Afghan & Pillow  *Baby Doll Backpack  *Baby Doll Bassinet  *Baby Doll Cap  *Baby Doll Diaper  *Baby Doll Filet Afghan  *Baby Doll Green Shell Afghan  *Baby Doll Hat  *Baby Doll Onesie (Fits 11″ Dolls)  *Baby Doll Puff Shell Afghan  *Baby Doll Set (Fits 12″ Baby Doll)  *Baby Yazmin’s Nightgown  *Ballerina Clothespin Doll  *Beanie Baby Blanket  *Bearly There Set (Fits 18″ Soft Body Doll)  *Berenguer Baby Layette (Fits 10″ Dolls)  *Betsy McCall Dress  *Black Lace White Gown (Fits 12″ Fashion Bratz Doll)  *Blue Potpourri Bed Doll Gown  *Blushing Ripple Doll Outfit  *Blythe Cloche  *Born on the Fourth of July Ensemble (Fits 14″ Dolls)  *Bratz Fashion Pajamas & Teddy (Fits 12″ Doll) * Bride Doll Dress (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls) * Bridegroom Doll Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls) Bridesmaid Doll Dress (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls) * Bunny Rabbit Sundress Buttercup Outfit (Fits 14″ Newborn Doll) *Cabbage Patch Surprise Sweater & Hat  *Caroler Doll Outfits (Fits 6″ Dolls)  *Celebrating Girldom Doll Dresses  *Christmas Bride Doll Outfit  *Church on Sunday Outfit (Fits 14″ Cabbage Patch Boy Doll)  *Colorful Times Cabbage Patch Baby Outfit (Fits 14″ Doll)  *Coral-iscious Outfit (Fits 26″ Toddler Doll)  *Cradle Crib Purse  *Cradle Purse  *Cradle Purse/Memory Angel  *Cradle Wrist Purse Set  *Cradle/Bassinet Purse  *Cupcake Cradle Purse  *Cute Dress (Fits 6″ Impkin Doll)  *Doll Air Mattress  *Doll Backpack  *Doll Beach Bag  *Doll Beanie  *Doll Beret  *Doll Bib-My Lil Newborn  *Doll Bikini  *Doll Blanket  *Doll Blanket  *Doll Blanket  *Doll Booties  *Doll Bridal Gown  *Doll Bunting  *Doll Cape  *Doll Capri Pants  *Doll Chair and Footstool  *Doll Dress (Fits 9 1/2″ Dolls)  *Doll Halter Top  *Doll Hat-My Lil Newborn  *Doll Headband  *Doll House Rug  *Doll Pillow  *Doll Poncho  *Doll Ripple Sleep Sack  *Doll Scarf  *Doll Shorts  *Doll Skirt  *Doll Sleep Sack  *Doll Sleeping Bag  *Doll Sofa  *Doll Stocking Cap  *Doll Stockings  *Doll Towel  *Doll’s Dress (Fits 13″ Dolls) *Eco-Baby Cabbage Patch Outfit  *Elephant Dress  *English Lavender Set (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Fairy Princess Doll Dress  *Footed Overall Doll Outfit (12″ Doll)  *Free Spirit Doll Clothes 1  *Free Spirit Doll Clothes 2  * Fun Fur Top & Pants (Fits 13in Doll)  *Fun in the Sun Outfit (Fits 8″ Berenguer Baby)  *Ghost Monkey Costume  *Gibson Girl Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Doll)  *Glamour Gown (Fits 13″ Baby Bratz Doll)  *Growing Baby Outfit (Fits 14″ LtL Baby Doll) *Humpty Dumpty  *Impkin Doll Pansy Bonnet  *Indian Princess Air Freshener Doll Outfit  *Infant or Doll’s Hat  *Jack and Jill Doll Clothes  *Jane’s Delight – Cabbage Patch Outfit  *Jingo – Cabbage Patch Outfit  *Juanita Doll Outfit  *Kelly Ballerina Outfit  *Kelly Doll Ruffle Tank Top  *Kelly Doll Shirt & Pants  *Kelly Sundress  *Kelly Victorian-Style Outfit with Muff  *Large Baby Bratz Party Dress  *Large Doll Hat (Fits 20″ Doll)  *Lavender Potpourri Bed Doll Gown  *Let It Snow Cabbage Patch Outfit  *Lilac Tassel Doll  *Little Bo Beep Doll Outfits (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Little Pipsqueak Outfit (Fits 14″ Berenguer Dolls)  *Little Red Riding Hood Doll Outfit  *Littlest Pet Shop Bird Hat  *Loopy Doll Size Tote Bag  *Mary Christmas Outfit  *Mile-a-Minute Baby Doll Afghan  *Miniature Doll Granny Blanket  *Miniature Doll’s House Doily  *Miniature Dollhouse Pie  *Mint Melody Doll Outfit  *Miss China Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss France Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss Hawaii Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss Holland Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss Italy Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss Latin America Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss Spain Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss Sweden Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Miss USA Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Dolls)  *Misty Blue Doll Set (Fits 14″ Berenguer Dolls)  *My Little Pony Booties  *My Little Pony Cape  *My Little Pony Hat  *My Little Pony Pants/Leggings  *My Little Pony Poncho  *My Little Pony Sweater  *Our Beautiful Baby Cabbage Patch Outfit  *Paris Bebe Fashion Doll Outfit (Fits 12″ Doll)  *Peach Delight Baby Doll Dress  *Peaches Doll Doily  *Pink Baby Doll Dress, Shrug and Hat  *Polly Pocket Pumpkin Outfit  *Precious Layette (Fits 14″ Newborn Doll)  *Princess Baby Sundress  *Queen of Hearts Outfit (Fits 7 or 8″ Doll)  *Ribbon Block Baby Doll Hat  *Ribbon Block Baby Doll Purse  *Ripple Doll Bib  *Rose Brim Hat  *Ruffled Doll Booties  *Samantha Large Air Freshener Doll Dress  *Santa Clause Outfit  *Sasha Baby Doll Dress  *SayBye-bye Outfit (Fits 14″ Cabbage Patch Kid Boy Doll)  *Saying Bye-bye Outfit (Fits 15″ Cabbage Girl Doll)  *School Girl Doll’s Dress (Fits 13″ Dolls)  *Scrap Book Friend Doll Gown  *Shell Stitch Collar  *Small Doll Cocoon and Cap (Fits 5″ Doll)  *Sock Monkey Hoodie  *Southern Bell Clothespin Lady  *Southern Belle Button Doll Dress  Special Stitch Doll Blanket  *Square Doll Bib  *Straw Doll Bonnet  *Stuffed Animal Bikini  *Stuffed Animal Keyhole Scarf  *Stuffed Animal Sweater  *Summer Dress (Fits 16″ Fashion Doll)  *Summer Wishes Shirt (Fits 15″ Doll)  *Sunny Day Doll Dress & Headband  *Super Easy Skirt for Sock Monkey/ Doll  *Sweetums Set (Fits 14″ Newborn Doll)  *Take a Seat – Doll Furniture Cover-ups  *Three Piece Baby Born Outfit  *Tiny Backpack/Purse  *Triple Ruffle Doll Dress  *Walking Doll Hat  *Watermelon Crawler Outfit (Fits 5″ Berenguer Dolls)  *Wicker Sofa, Quarter Scale  *Winter is Coming Cabbage Patch Kid Outfit (14″)  *Witch Clothespin Doll *

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