Thursday, January 30, 2014

“Making Miniatures,” by Christiane Berridge

      “When I discovered dolls’ houses it was as though a locked door had opened. Here was a hobby that united many of my existing interests and I could be creative with a purpose, indulging in my love of social history, architecture, painting, making and sewing along the way.” Berridge
      “Making Miniatures: Projects for the 1:12 Scale Doll’s House” by Christiane Berridge, published by The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications is a thorough and creative resource for teachers and students of miniature craft. If I owned no other book on miniature craft, this book would be my choice. Mrs. Berridge demonstrates clearly how craftsmen may recycle containers, manipulate ordinary supplies, and think about miniature projects in fresh new ways. Visit the Guild Of Master Craftsman Publications to order a variety of her books online. This particular selection was published in 2003.

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