Friday, January 31, 2014

One Man's Trash . . .

Aunt Marlene brought to her birthday dinner some interesting treasure. She asked if I could use any of this doll treasure before it was to be donated to Good Will. “Of course!” I said. “There are endless possibilities in designing dolls, cards etc… around discarded, unwanted and seemingly useless trinkets.”

  1. A bracelet is usually just the perfect size for a doll necklace.
  2. Small wooden beads can always be restrung into something appealing.
  3. A tiny book can be added to a doll ensemble in order to enhance it’s overall appearance.
  4. A rustic metal bird? This is bound to find it’s way into a decorative art journal somewhere!
  5. A small enamel portrait is perfect for a colonial doll trimming.
  6. This feather pin reminds me of something Native American, I’m not sure how I will use it in the end.
  7. An old rhinestone pin is collectable an should be preserved in a jewelry stash or perhaps clipped to a keep sake.
  8. Tiny brass angels may be added to artsy Christmas cards.
  9. This is one of two, enamel  “Art Nouveau” pins that would make splendid accent pins on a flapper doll or a Boudoir Doll.
  10. One of three heart pins in this photograph is this white and brass enamel pin. These always look attractive under a doll’s collar.
  11. I love this little bird made from feathers. My daughters think this is the ugliest pin. However, I think this pin has the most unusual design potential. Sometimes the ugliest jewelry, if used differently, can become the most attractive.
  12. One of two enamel angel pins in this discarded heap.
  13. This leather iris pin is going onto something really special and I can’t wait to share it with my readers.
  14. A pewter angel pin.
  15. A large button covered with an attractive dove design. Doll crafters can always make these kinds of buttons or pins themselves and these are an affordable alternative to purchasing jewelry when trimming dolls.
  16. A little brass angel pin. This one was designed for a lapel.
  17. This is my favorite angel among the bunch.
  18. A fanciful heart. It looks like something from the 1990s.
  19. These are pins sold in churches for charity. I’m not sure what I will do with it yet.
  20. Obviously this panda must be used to dress up another panda.
  21. Another enamel angel.
  22. The second “Art Nouveau” pin amongst this new “treasure.” I can’t wait to use it.
  23. These brass hearts are just the right size for a doll. I will use them in a very traditional way, at the top of a doll collar.
  24. And last but not least the Worry Dolls. These would be cute on a ‘Get Well’ card or on an ethnic doll.
Left, This strange bee/butterfly, hybrid, insect pin is being incorporated
 into the costume of my latest doll. It came with the pin collection you
 see above. It was also the least appreciated between my daughters.
However, it has great design potential. I will be posting the new rag doll
soon along with a free pattern. Right, This newly acquired, “old” pocket watch,
 pin now belongs to Agnus. (sock doll)

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