Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pattern Books for Doll House Furniture

      Below are the two books I recommend for those of you who would like to take up the hobby of doll house building, collecting, and decorating. Both of these publications are authored by artists who have worked for the Guild Of Master Craftsman Publications and although these selections were published in 2002 and 2003, I still believe them to be the very best of this kind of resource.

"Making Upholstered Furniture, in
1/2 Scale, by Janet Storey
      “Janet Storey’s straightforward text and detailed diagrams show how to create elegant, upholstered dolls’ house furniture with simple tools, basic skills and inexpensive materials.
      Specialist carpentry skills are not needed and, true to tradition, cheaper grades of timber are used underneath the upholstery. More expensive woods, such as mahogany, are used only in areas where the wood is exposed, such as for the legs.
      Inspirational photographs, as list of tools and materials, information on fabrics and timber, advice on gluing, cutting cabriole legs, finishing exposed woodwork and making seat cushions make this an invaluable book for any dolls house enthusiast.”

"Doll's House Furniture, Easy-to-make projects
in 1/12 scale," by Freida Gray
      “Making furniture for a 1/2 scale doll’s house is a daunting prospect for many miniaturests, but Freida Gray demonstrates that imagination, ingenuity and patience can take the enthusiast a long way. Beginning with simple projects requiring little more than a craft set, she gradually builds the reader’s confidence for more demanding work involving cabinet construction and the use of miniature power tools.”

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