Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Resources For Art Educators

Textile Lesson Plans: k-3rd Grade: Integrated Studies in Quilts/History/Language Arts, Quilts/Math/Language Arts, Quilts/Science/Language Arts * Stories in Quilts * The Keeping Quilt * Alphabet Quilt * Thanksgiving Quilt * Faith Ringgold: Our Own Story Quilts * American Quilts lessons for 3rd grade *

Textile Lesson Plans: 4th-5th Grade: Covering Geometry with Quilts * The Story of The Underground Railroad * Keeping Us In Stitches * Quilts and the Underground Railroad * Patchwork Quilt Design * Paper Memory Quilt * Painted Story Quilt * Quilting Bees *

Textile Lesson Plans: 6th-8th Grade: Crazy Quilt Block Lesson * Design a Local Quilting Pattern * Quilt Dilations * Craft Life * Cottage Industries * How I Can Help? * Story Quilt Project * Historical Quilt Lessons from EDSITEment *

Textile Lesson Plans: 9th-12th Grade: Quilt Squares * Dye Sample Journal * Craft School or College? * Texture Quilt * Quilt Around the World * Do Something Graphic Design Quilt * The Honor of Quilting * Social Justice Quilt * Let's Come Together *A Patchwork of Our Lives *

General Resources About Textiles: Patterns of Identity: Textiles of AotearoaEthnomathematics Digital Library * Lesson Plans from The Library of Congress * A Quilter's Coloring Book * No Matter What Shape Your Fractions Are In * Quilts-Signs of The Time * Polygon Quilt Game * Quilt Activities from Illinois State Museum Society * Quilting With Children by Heddi Craft * PBS American Quilts * What Is a Tessellation? *Glossary For Quilting Terms *

Articles About Textiles: Quilts and Children's Literature * Reading List For Quilters * Vermont Quilt Festival * Prickly Pins Article Index *

Quilt Collections: New England Quilt MuseumAmerican Textile History Museum * Folkart and Crafts Museum Exchange * La Conner Quilt Museum * Library of Congress * Museum of the American Quilter's Society * Textile Art Center in Chicago IL. * The Museum for Textiles In Canada * Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum * San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles * Virginia Quilt Museum *

Focus on Quilt Education: American Quilt Study Group  * World Wide Quilting Page * Quilters New Network * Quilt/Surface Design Symposium

Award Winning Children's Books About Quilting

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