Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Doll's Dressmaker: The Complete Pattern Book

      I learned how to sew doll clothes from this book when I was pregnant with my first girl. The book teaches process and pattern types. Once you learn these then you will be able to adapt pattern making for any doll. Even though I no longer use store bought patterns in my doll making, I keep this book in my collection for beginners. 

      “Venus A. Dodge, an expert in making, dressing and selling dolls for over 20 years, presents a unique and exciting collection of actual-size patterns for doll’s clothes. No enlarging is necessary – just trace directly from the page to make a ready-to-use pattern. There are 45 of them to choose from too. from modern outfits for commercial dolls to accurate period costume for antique dolls. Full making-up instructions are given throughout for clothes and accessories.
      Many of the patterns are simple enough for the absolute beginner, but the experienced dolls’ dressmaker should find a stimulating challenge in the authentic and more elaborate period costumes. There is plenty of advice on techniques and how to achieve a delightful result with the minimum of expense and time, making it simpler than ever before to create your own superb doll’s clothes…and enjoy the whole process!”

David & Charles Publishing plc, Newton Abbot, Devon: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc., 387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY.

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