Saturday, February 1, 2014

Doll Hospitals: doll repair

Left, This is perhaps the oldest doll that I own personally other than the little half doll 
pincushion that was given to my by my great aunt. I found this baby in a flee market. 
She also has an old “cry box” that no longer works. Right, See the cracked
 paint down her arm and the fingers are wearing away! The fingers are made
 from a wood pulp/composite mix.
      A doll hospital is a workshop that specializes in the restoration or repair of dolls. Doll hospitals can be found in countries around the world. One of the oldest doll hospitals was established in Lisbon, Portugal in 1830, and another in Melbourne, reputedly the first such establishment in Australia, was founded in 1888. There is a Doll Doctors Association in the United States. Henri Launay, who has been repairing dolls at his shop in northeast Paris for 43 years, says he has restored over 30,000 dolls in the course of his career. Most of the clients are not children, but adults in their 50s and 60s.Some doll brands, such as American Girl and Madame Alexander also offer doll hospital services for their own dolls.

Doll Repairs/Hospitals:
  1.  Doll Repair Home 
  2. A Doll’s Dressmaker & Doll Hospital
  3. AAA Doll Hospital
  4. All Dolled Up, Inc 
  5. All for a Doll
  6. Antique Child 
  7. Attic Antiquity Dolls
  8. Audrey’s Doll Gallery
  9. BG’s Doll House & Hospital
  10. Billings Doll Hospital/Legacy Doll Museum
  11. Cathie Lee Doll Hospital 
  12. Chili Doll Hospital 
  13. China Doll, Inc.
  14. Dancing Dolls and the Doll Nursery
  15. Dawn’s Dolls
  16. Deborah’s Doll Shoppe
  17. Dee’s Place of Dolls
  18. Diane’s Doll Hospital 
  19. Doctor Toni’s Doll Repair
  20. Doll Cottage
  21. Doll Doctors Association 
  22. Doll Doctor Kathleen
  23. Doll EE Hospital
  24. Doll Haven
  25. Doll Hospital Inc
  26. Doll Parts & Supplies 
  27. Doll Repair by Karen O’Shea
  28. Doll Restorations
  29. Dollightful Things
  30. Dolls 4U
  31. Dolls to Make
  32. Donna’s Children
  33. Dr Re’s Doll Clinic 
  34. Dr. Toni’s Doll Repair
  35. Elaine’s Dolls & Restoration 
  36. Garrett House Antiques & Doll Hospital 
  37. Heirloom Doll Costumes & Restoration 
  38. Intensive Care Doll Hospital and Shop
  39. Klein’s Dolls & Restoration 
  40. Linda Lee Sutton Original Dolls 
  41. Louise’s Little Ladies Doll & Toy Repair 
  42. Loved To Pieces Doll Hospital 
  43. Luel Restoration Studio
  44. Mel’s Belles
  45. Patti Ann’s Teddy Bears & Dollies
  46. Porcelain Classics
  47. Rose Apple Acres Dolls
  48. Royale Affair Dolls  
  49. Secaucus Doll & Teddy Bear Hospital 
  50. ShenValley Doll Hospital
  51. Sherman’s Antiques and Doll Hospital
  52. Sherman’s Antiques and Doll Hospital
  53. Taggerty Doll Clinic
  54. Tender Mercies Doll & Toy Repair
  55. The Doll Company
  56. The Doll Hospital 
  57. The Doll Hospital 
  58. TLC Doll Hospital/ Shoppe
  59. Treasured Collectibles & Doll Hospital
  60. Valarie Moyer’s Dolls
  61. We’re Makin’ Dolls

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