Saturday, February 1, 2014

How Valuable Is My Doll?

      My husband’s great aunt brought some of her dolls to our house the other day. She wanted to know if I could help her find out what her dolls might sell for. Of course, I am no expert about doll values but, I said that I would look up a few of these on ebay to confirm just how much money other collectors were able to get for their dolls.
      I took a picture of her doll’s tag in order to remember the information. This doll is from a limited edition. It is number 255 out of the 500 dolls made for the edition.

      I also took a picture of the doll’s box. Dolls in their original boxes are more valuable to collectors. This doll in it’s original box would probably sell for more than similar dolls without boxes.
      Marlene’s limited-edition Pierrot doll designed by Claudia Cohen in 1979 seems to be selling for approximately $100.00 on ebay. I found similar vintage pierrot dolls selling on ebay for $80.00 and also for $99.oo.

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