Monday, February 3, 2014

Links To Doll Tutorials, Patterns, Costumes & Molds

I use many doll heads and doll body parts for demonstrations in my classroom.
Many of my students have had both obvious and difficult questions concerning dolls and textiles over the years. Sometimes, students feel a little self-conscious about asking obvious questions, however, readers should remember that not every person has had grandparent or parent to teach him/her the basics of sewing. I was very fortunate to have a grandmother who did this. She spent countless hours going over instructions with me; she was a very tenderhearted and a clever teacher.

Questions and Answers About Sewing:
  1. What are the differences between two dimensional and three dimensional doll patterns?
  2. What kinds of materials should I use to stuff a doll body?
Two Dimensional Doll Patterns: Please read the Terms of Use before using the following patterns folks. You may make and sell as many dolls as you like, but, do not redistribute the patterns over the web, represent the designs as though they are your property or resale patterns that are not your own to profit from. Teachers may print these out and give them to their students during class to use for their art assignments. Charitable non-profit organizations are also welcome to distribute hard copy of the patterns as inserts, giving credit to the designer, Kathy Grimm. Do not alter the information on the patterns these are copyrighted. 
  1. A couple of simple, two-dimensional doll patterns
  2. The Camille Doll Pattern
Tutorials:  Adele Sciortino’s Tutorials * Cloth Over Clay * Paperclay over styrofoam * Paper Mache Clay * Alabama Baby Repro * Making an Izannah Walker Replica Doll * Techniques for masquerade masks can also be used for doll making * Ortho Casting is used to produce masks from clay or plaster prototypes * How to Make a Cloth Doll Mask * Restring a Doll: Doll With a Basic 5-Part Body * Tips For Successful Doll Restoration * Doll Shoe Demo * Make a real Waldorf baby doll in a day * Process for molding wool felt to a buckrum doll body * Shaping buckram to a doll head * Toy Making Tips & Tutorials *
Video: Japanese Doll Making *Kimekomi Dolls * Anna Zueva * Art Dolls by Dylan and Jo *
Purchase Doll Patterns and Doll Clothing Patterns: Patti Medaris * Original Kezi Designs * Linda Hollerich * Brown House Dolls * C. C. Originals * Doll Emporium Pattern Co. * Halea’s Doll Clothes * Infinite Freedom * Linda Walsh Originals * IZANNAH WALKER KIT * Monkey-Otso * Danny G. (monkey) * Jolly Jester * The Gypsy Quilter Collection * Jennifer Gould Designs * Jennifer’s Patterns * Sewing Patterns for Cloth Dolls, Doll Clothes, and Accessories * Judi’s Babies * Cuddly Baby Dolls * Angie Baby *
Free Doll Patterns: Cloth Dolls: Absolute Sweet Cindy * Baby Bows * Judith Prior * Kimono doll * Hobbit Sock Doll * Pillow Dolls * Free Doll Patterns * Bleuette Size Manikin * Elisa * dollies without borders * felt fairy * Blume * silly girl * Rag Dolls from Soggibottom * Sleep Baby Sleep Doll * Ballerina * simple doll patterns * Wide Eyed Wendy * Lily Marlene * silly little dolls * free Molly Monkey pattern * Monkenottukhamun * Charlie the elephant * Mermaids * Japanesque Mermaid * Kathe Kruse Dolls * Beautiful Hand-Sewing for Dolls *
Costumes: Dress Your Doll * vintage doll costumes * Vee’s Victorians * Doll Costumer’s Guild * Learn about costumes in general * Dress Half Dolls *
Doll Accessories: Doll shoes, wigs and eyes * Fancy and Fine * My Little Dream* Casting Resin Shoes for Dolls by Adam *
Patterns: General: Fantasy Mushroom Pincushion *
Half Doll Molds , Doll Kits and Doll Molds: Beth Hill * Bil-mac * Dollworld * Jean & Ken Nordquist’s Molds * Katz Doll House * Shirley K Dolls * Karens Artistic Tough * Petite Porcelain Dolls * Reborn doll kits * Magic Cabin * Creative Impressions Nursery *
Doll Repair: Royale Affair Doll House *

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