Monday, February 3, 2014

Over 50 Christmas Doll Ornament Crafts and Resoures!

Just six examples of my younger daughter's Christmas dolls. These hang on her tree every year: a stacking
Santa doll, a tiny china doll dressed in a Halloween costume (I made this in memory of her
2nd trick-or-treat outing), two reproduction Victorian dolls that I painted in high school,
a porcelain doll with wings based upon a antique postcard and a Spanish dancer.
Make More Doll Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree:
  1. Ooops-a-Daisy Christmas Tree Ornament Doll Class in Ingersoll, Ontario
  2. Kokopelli Doll Club: Christmas Tree Dolls
  3. tiny dolls by Eszterda
  4. Make a Felt Russian Nesting Doll Ornament
  5. Learn how to make clothespin dolls
  6. Craft a Christmas Candy Wrap Jester from a Clothespin
  7. How to make peg people
  8. How to Make a Bottle Cap Doll
  9. DIY Felt Matryoshka Doll Christmas Ornaments
  10. Make Your Own Dresden Doll Ornament
  11. Handmade Christmas Matryoshka, baboushka or kokeshi dolls
  12. Pictures of "Du Buh Du Girls" Ornaments
  13. DIY Little Girl, Angel or Fairy Christmas Ornament
  14. Elf ornament method to make Swan Lake's Odette 
  15. Craft a Christmas Soldier Wearing a Bearskin Hat
  16. Make These Christmas Chenille Doll Decorations
  17. Sunday Doll Post: Tiny Cat For You!
  18. In the third day of Christmas not only received an ornament!
  19. Sweet Stuffing Christmas Ornaments 
  20. Assemble Victorian Scrap for Christmas Fairs and
  21. Ballerina Doll Ornaments from
  22. Retro Mice Ornament
  23. fruity felted dolls for the Christmas tree: apple, raspberry and strawberry, yum
  24. Clothespin Doll Tutorial
  25. Printable paper animals would also look adorable on a Christmas tree!
  26. Santa & Co. Cones
  27. Die Cutting Paper: On Angel's Wings Ornament
  28. Kindy Garden Christmas Carol Singers (printable)
  29. Primitive Dolls: Christmas Ornament  and here is another post
  30. Needlefelted Bunting Doll Ornaments
  31. Paper Doll Advent Calendar
  32. Craft Baby Jesus in A Walnut Shell
  33. Free Santa Ornament Pattern
  34. Christmas Snow Angel Fairy
  35. Vintage Inspired Wool/Cotton Dolls
  36. Tiny Knitted Dolls for Your Christmas Tree
  37. Craft An Old-World Cotton Batting Santa
  38. Ribbon Doll Swap Gallery
  39. Russian Christmas Dolls
  40. Victorian Christmas Tree Dolls
  41. Elf Yourself and Hang a Creative Paper Doll (scroll down)
  42. Victorian Ladies: Articulated Paper Doll Ornaments for Christmas
  43. clothespin doll craft kits: Christmas mouse, Santa, Santa' wife
  44. classic peg doll examples from Urban Comfort
  45. Chenille Stem Craft Ideas and Tutorials by Lori Casey
  46. Lovely photos of Du Buh Du Designs (tiny Christmas dolls)
Crafting Christmas for Your Dolls:
  1. Doll Craft: Make a Doll Sized Christmas Tree
  2. Beaded Tree Tutorial
  3. How to Make a Doll Christmas Tree with Pipe Cleaners
  4. craft stick christmas trees
  5. How to Make a Doll Fireplace
  6. How to Make a Dollhouse Wreath
  7. Christmas Burlap Trees
  8. Doll Christmas Scene On My Bookshelf!
  9. Chenille Stem Trees DIY
  10. Finished embroidery: my doll's house Christmas mat kits are now on sale!
  11. Sparkle Chenille Stem Trees
  12. My Dolls Put Up The Christmas Tree: An American Girl Doll Stop-Motion
  13. Cardboard and Chenille Stem Christmas Trees DIY
  14. Our Doll Tree!
  15. Christmas in the Dolls House: the Christmas Tree in 1:12 Scale
  16. Easy Ways to Make Stained Glass Miniature Christmas Ornaments
  17. Make Miniature Christmas Decorations
  18. Modern Christmas Tree Doll's House

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