Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Pumpkin" by Madame Alexander, Visits The Local Clinic

Left, Pumpkin is in need of a little tender care. Right, Pumpkin now is able to sit upright and the opening
 in the back of her body has been firmly sewn shut.
Pumpkin was made in 1967 by Madame Alexander. This doll belonged to Krissy, my husband’s cousin. Krissy’s mother wants to give Pumpkin to her twin granddaughters, but, Pumpkin doesn’t sit up anymore. Her body has been cuddled so much that she is in need of a little tender repair.
Left, I will open up this doll near the neck wear it looks as though someone may have tried
 to hold a seam together with a bobby pin. Right, This doll was originally stuffed with some
 very fluffy filler. I will leave this in and pack in a stiffer fiber fill under the doll’s head.
This doll’s clothes are original and her name is printed on the tag
attached to her yellow, hooded jump suit.
Pumpkin’s copyright, 1967, by Madame Alexander at
 the base of her vinyl head on the back.
Left, Pumpkin is ready for Grandmother Marlene to take to Chicago to give to her twin granddaughters.
Right, Pumpkin sits up on her own for the first time in years, the surgery was a success!
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