Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Camille Doll Pattern

Left, Here is a close-up of Camille’s completed face. I used hundreds of seed stitches to create the textured appearance. Center, Camille is finally done! I used cast off blouses to finish off her elaborate clothing. Camille is ready for the sample box.
      This simple doll pattern may be enlarged to whatever size you would like your doll to be. Click on each jpg to download the largest image available. Remember to add an additional 1/4 inch seam to the pattern before cutting two identical shapes out of fabric. Leave a one inch opening along your straight at the bottom of the torso, arms and legs so that you will be able to turn your doll inside out and stuff it.  Read the Terms of Use before using these doll patterns. Patterns may not be resold or redistributed from any other internet web pages. Patterns are copyrighted. Individual doll artists may make and sell as many little Camille dolls as they would like. If you photograph your completed doll and picture her on the web, give my blog a link so that others may see your success! Write me if you have more questions at
Left, Cut out the printed pattern shown below and trace around it onto muslin; then add a 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch seam allowance around the drawn doll body before cutting into the fabric. Right, Stuff all four doll body parts firmly with fiber fill. I’ve used dental floss to sew the straight seams on my doll body because this keeps the stitching tight and durable. One of my brothers gave me this weird ‘pickle floss’ for Christmas. No, it doesn’t taste like pickles.
Left, Here is Camille’s face “in progress.” It will take many hours for me to finish this needle point doll face. Center, I added an unusual old broach to her costume. The colors are just perfect! Right, Camille’s hair is made from wool yarn and random blanket stitching.
Left, Camille’s costume from the back. Right, Camille’s leather shoes are sewn on with a blanket stitch.
The Camille doll torso and arm patterns by Kathy Grimm.

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