Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Dolls We Grew Up With

      All of these photographs are of women in my husband’s family. I have become the “unofficial” record keeper or family historian, so to speak, for those people who are closest in relationship to me either by law or blood kinship. I thought some of my family would enjoy seeing these little tots. There are three generations of women folk here: their lives together span a little over one hundred years.
      My oldest daughter, a little more than twenty years ago, poses with her stuffed friends.  At first, she wasn’t too happy about the prospect, until she discovered that her new friends were pretty soft. This picture only took a few seconds. Of course, I would never leave a baby this young in a crib with any stuffed toys!

Stuffed Friends:

Flora with her doll in an old perambulator
Krissy with her vinyl doll that dates from
 early 1970s.
Mae Jean with her doll; both are all
dressed up for cool weather.
My girls when they were very young,
playing with their homemade dolls.
Marlene holding her doll at a family dinner.
My husband’s sister, Jennifer,
cradles her doll at Christmas.
Betty Jane with her little
composition doll.

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