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The St. Louis "Ladies Art Co." of 1889

      The St. Louis "Ladies Art Co." catalogues were produced by the Brauscheidt family who also owned and operated a general store near the riverfront. Their mail order company sold much more than quilter's patterns. They sold every supply one might imagine helpful or necessary to craft lace, needlepoint, knitting supplies etc...

Original cover design for 1889 catalogue
Price of their 1889 catalogue, $.25

Prices for the patterns only, printed in color on cardboard:
1 Pattern, $.10
3 Patterns, $.25 
7 Patterns, $.50
15 Patterns, $1.00

      "The miniature diagrams in the catalogue can give you but a faint idea of the beauty of these patterns, being here reduced to so small a size, the details are imperfectly brought out. The diagrams are printed on heavy card board and artistically colored, so as to give some idea how the finished blocks would look, being also suggestive of effective colors to use in making up the blocks. Though, of course, the combination of colors can be varied in a hundred ways to suit the individual's tastes and fancies."
The Ladies Art Co. also sold both finished blocks and entire quilts!
      "We will make up finished blocks to order from any diagram in this catalogue, of any size, and of any material such as: Silk, Woolen or Calico. It will be impossible to quote any prices here, as there are such a large number, some of which are simple and require little labor, while again others are very complicated and would take many times the amount of labor of other patterns, consequently the prices will be as various as the patterns. Then again the kind of blocks of one kind you want, will make a difference in the price. The price per block will be less if you take six or more, than a single block would be. They will be worked in the neatest and most artistic manner, and will be sure to please the most fastidious taste. Also, in making finished blocks to order, we can make them of any size desired. Write us full particulars of what you want, enclosing a two-cent stamp, and we shall be pleased to quote you prices. We will undertake to make up a whole quilt, from diagrams of your own selection. Materials furnished and orders taken for any description of Fancy Work, Painting, Embroidery, Lace Making, Tissue Paper Flowers, etc."

Advertisements Listed by The Ladies' Art Co. of St. Louis, Mo. in newspapers:

Listed in "The Ranch" from Seattle Washington in 1913
Every quilter should have our book of 450 designs containing
the prettiest, queerest scarcest, most grotesque patterns, from
old log cabin to stars and puzzle designs; also crazy stitches
and Cat. All postpaid, for six 2 ct. stamps etc...
From The New York Tribune in 1905
For 12c We send Cambric pattern of this beautiful front
collar and cuffs, to introduce our lace, embroidery and
perforated patterns.
Ladies' Art Co., 404 Broadway, Room 81, St. Louis Mo.
From The National Tribune, 1891
Satin and Plush Remnants for Crazy Patch. A large
pkg. pretty pieced assorted colors to ect...
From the New York Tribune, 1914
I cant' read this one; it's too worn away.
From the Evening Star, 1915
Contains hundreds of designs and four complete alphabets. With it we send
our catalog of Fancy Work. Price 15c; or two books 25c. Don't send stamps.
Ladies' Art Co. 163 Gay Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.

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