Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shadow Work Design for A Tea Apron

      Shadow embroidery is made on sheer fabric, the handkerchief linen being the best for the purpose. Study the simple arrangement of forming the cat-stitch shown in the diagram. The miniature stitches taken in forming the latticework effect at the back appear in an outline of tiny stitches on the right side, making a beading which must be evenly placed to outline the leaves on the right side, making the long and short stitch around the leaves. This is very pretty with shadow embroidery and most frequently used. However one does not use leaf green, but most always the same color of the flower.
      The plan for the apron herein shown is a development of rose pink on white. If you make the leaves in shadow effect, use the same identical pink that is used on your flower petals or use white floss and outline on the right side, but avoid the obvious choice of green. Finish the rose petals at the center with pink French knots. Do not attempt a color scheme to give the real rose coloring. It would appear cheap and tawdry. The tea apron should be as delicate and floral in effect as the stately pink or white cosmos. Sincerely yours, Winifred Worth.

Click directly on the image to download the largest possible size. Design by Winifred Worth.
 Shadow work embroidery with Wendy Schoen
Download and watch the entire video here.

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