Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Basic Mosaic 3 Patch

       This simple, pieced quilt is very easy to assemble. Long ago, a young child might have chosen to work with only squares while she practiced sewing straight stitches by hand. Eventually, her efforts may have looked every bit as sophisticated as the sample quilt design illustrated below.
      During post industrial eras, it was not uncommon for girls as young as five or six to learn to sew by piecing together basic shapes for a bed quilt.
      This pattern was first published by the Ladies Art Co. of St. Louis during the 1890s. However, you don't need a pattern for it; the design is made with and exact square measuring either 2"x2" or 3"x3" or 4"x4" and so on. In order to cut the triangle shapes simply divide one of your squares exactly in half and use one of these triangles to cut exact patterns for the larger triangles illustrated. Then divide the remaining triangle half exactly in half again to serve as a pattern for the corners of your patch.
       I have put together an illustration below to show my readers just how lovely a simply pieced Mosaic 3 Patch can look when done up in a monochromatic color scheme using only solid cottons. You will need four shades of one color in order to piece this particular patch.
The Mosaic 3 patch in a monochromatic palette
using shades of burnt orange.

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