Saturday, August 12, 2017

French Fabric Swatches from 1900

       Here are lovely spring prints (silk or cotton?) were manufactured in France in 1900. When I discovered these, I was surprised at how similar the styles were to what is produced today! I think that any one of these fabrics would make a charming dress or 'frock' as they used to say.
       When I was very young, my grandmother used to take my cousin and I to the local sewing shop to search through pattern books and fabrics in the afternoon. Eventually, we would select a print for a new sundress. Then we'd stop in the local druggist to buy a soda or ice cream before walking home. Those were wonderful days; the time my grandmother invested in her grandchildren was very precious. She taught us how to cook, sew, and take care of little ones. We did all of this without computers and cell phones. Although grandma loved to fall asleep during her soaps. (soap operas in t.v.)
feathers and butterflies
dots and swirls
tiny ferns and flowers and clouds
 a sweet plaid and floating blossoms

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