Embroidery Patterns

Elizabeth I wears a blackwork chemise and
partlet and a gown embroidered with gold
thread and studded with pearls. The  
Phoenix Portrait by Nicholas Hilliard,
c. 1575–76
      In everyday language, a stitch in the context of embroidery or hand-sewing is defined as the movement of the embroidery needle from the backside of the fabric to the front side and back to the back side. The thread stroke on the front side produced by this is also called stitch. In the context of embroidery, an embroidery stitch means one or more stitches that are always executed in the same way, forming a figure of recognizable look. Embroidery stitches are also called stitches for short.
      Embroidery stitches are the smallest units in embroidery. Embroidery patterns are formed by doing many embroidery stitches, either all the same or different ones, either following a counting chart on paper, following a design painted on the fabric or even working freehand.
        Embroidery uses various combinations of stitches. Each embroidery stitch has a special name to help identify it. These names vary from country to country and region to region. Some embroidery books will include name variations. Taken by themselves the stitches are mostly simple to execute, however when put together the results can be extremely complex. Under this page I will include cotton and silk embroidery patterns.
Blackwork embroidery of the 1530s
(left) and 1590s (right).
      There are many stitching techniques used in cotton and silk embroidery patterns. I've listed these here and hopefully will find examples of each for visitors to observe: Stem Stitch or Outline Stitch * Split stitch * Crewel stitch * Basic Chain Stitch * Lazy Daisy stitch * Spanish Chain stitch * Buttonhole Stitch * Blanket stitch * Straight stitch * Running stitch * Satin Stitch * Algerian Eye stitch * Fern stitch * Holbein stitch * Bosnian stitch * Backstitch * Fly stitch * Feather Stitch * Faggoting stitch * Cretan stitch * Cross Stitch * Herringbone stitch * Breton stitch * Sprat's Head stitch * Crow's Foot stitch * French Knot Stitch * Chinese Knot stitch * Bullion Knot Stitch * Coral stitch * Knotted Loop stitch * Plaited Braid Stitch * Sorbello stitch * Diamond stitch * Antwerp edging stitch *Armenian edging stitch * Pendant couching stitch * Bokhara couching stitch * Square laid work * Oriental couching stitch * Battlement couching stitch * Klosterstitch * Roumanian couching stitch * Basic Couching Stitch * Seed Stitch *

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How to begin with embroidery.

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