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Shows a realistic, bold design of vivid coloring.
The border is harmonious, suggesting a firm
foundation for the stems. The quilting in the center
 is a design of spider webs, leaves, and flower
I found a link to a similar quilt here.
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Crib Quilts
100 Valentines for Quilters
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What should a "beginners" sewing kit look like?
What should be included in a young student's first sewing kit?
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Make your own walnut pincushion
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Old Quilted Bears in Our Home 
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Free Redwork Patterns at Doll Envy
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Sawtooth Star Quilt
My Grandmother's Flower Garden
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Pink Rose Applique Pattern 
Little Boy Blue & Little Bo Peep Crib Quilt Appliques
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Sunflower Applique
Daisy Applique
Poppy Applique 
Snowflake Applique 
Prickly Pins Redwork Posts are indexed here
Detail of a band sampler on
buff linen, c. 1660.

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